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Summer 2011 Video!

Summer 2011 saw BAYFEST in residence at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla (San Diego).  The participants — who came from Los Angeles, San Diego, London, and Northumberland — performed two original adaptations:  E.M. Forster’s futuristic thriller The Machine Stops and Mark Twain’s satire The Stolen White Elephant.  Also included in the following clip is a company-devised fun and funny piece, No One’s Allergic to Pineapple, involving theatre, dance, music, movement, and clowning.  Performances were held at The Bishop’s School, as well as The Taylor Center for the Performing Arts and at The Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice, California.

Documentary on BAYFEST

Documentary piece on the BAYFEST ensemble’s production of R&J, described as ‘Shakespeare meets Stomp’. The company-devised production was directed by BAYFEST Director Robert Shampain and choreographed by Gina Angelique of San Diego’s Eveoke Dance Theatre, and was rehearsed and performed at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, California.